Discounts on Now Foods are here. Natural products are widely available nowadays and are a fantastic addition to many fitness plans. But, given the vast array of options available, locating reliable and legitimate companies can be difficult.

We, at iHerb, are committed to delivering original and effective natural products throughout Pakistan. We sell Now Foods natural products, an organic product manufacturing company in Bloomingdale, Illinois.

What is Now Foods?

Established in 1968, Now Foods is a popular company that produces natural products. Firmly believing that natural formulas are the ideal way of living healthier lives. Richard Elwood, the founder of the company, aimed to make natural products accessible to everyone at a reasonable price.

Currently, Now Foods manufactures more than 1400 natural products divided into the following six major categories:


From hair and skin care to children’s health and beauty supplements. The beauty products line from Now Foods covers essentially everything. If you are looking for a solution to a specific problem, you can also filter the options based on your skin type.

Pet Health

Firstly, Dr. Barbara Royal, a well-known veterinarian, created the Now Foods pet supplement range, which is aimed at keeping your pets fit and content. It offers a variety of items for cats and dogs. Including pills to assist the heart, powder to help the kidneys, tablets to relax pets, and pest and bug spray.

Dietary Supplements

The vitamins and supplements collection from Now Foods includes a variety of vital minerals, nutrients, and other vitamins necessary for optimum health.

These supplements serve various purposes like weight management, general well-being, sleep regulation, and digestive health. And come in different forms including capsules, soft gels, sprays, lotions, liquids, and powders.

Home (Essential Oils)

In fact, Now Foods offer a broad category of essential oils that can be searched according to their characteristics, fragrances, types, and uses. Minty, Spicy, Floral, Woodsy, and Sweet are a few of the scent options.

Natural Foods

Firstly, Now Foods offer a range of natural foods including cocoa, dry fruits, nuts, sweeteners, pasta, cooking oils, grains, rice, flour, nuts, seeds, teas, and drinks.

Additionally, matcha Green Tea Powder is the most sought-after in this category. It is entirely composed of nutritional ingredients and is extremely concentrated. You can consume it by adding a spoonful of water or by mixing it in your preferred milk.

Sports Nutrition

The company has built a trustable image over the years because all its products are rigorously tested pre and post-production before being sold to the market.

Also, by testing complete batches of raw materials and ingredients, Now Foods ensures all its products are manufactured with the highest quality. Guaranteeing its offerings are clean and safe.

Specifically, formulated with the least processing and made without any artificial ingredients, Now Foods is wholly committed to using only natural ingredients in its products. On its official website, the company also provides an entire list of substances they will never use during its production procedure.

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